Martín Meléndez – Pizz, Grooves & Latin

Divided in 2 parts, we’re going to talk about:

  • Pizz & Grooves: Introduction to right hand technique (pizz) creating bass lines, rhythmic motifs and percussion
  • Latin & Go: Grooves, “tumbaos” & “montunos”. Violoncello from a completely latin perspective.


Cuban parents born in Moscow in 1982, he studied classical cello at the Conservatory Amadeo Roldan and the ISA in Havana, Cuba. From an early age he starts experimenting with different styles, participating in early music groups and youth symphony orchestras like Oakland (1997), Ottawa or the New England Conservatory (1999-2001).

Some years later, his personal concern linkes him to the world of jazz and musical experimentation by unifying rhythmic tradition of his country with the sounds of the world, giving the cello another way and another view closer to the modern music.

In 2004 he moves to Barcelona where he continues growing professionally. He has collaborated with musicians such as Pablo Milanes, Pavel Urquiza, Lucecita Benitez, Yusa, Haydee Milanes, David Torrens, Santiago Feliu, Chano Dominguez, Antonio Rey, Blas Córdoba, Reynald Colom, Ernesto Aurignac, Jordi Bonell, Javier Galiana and Julian Sanchez, Dorantes and Renuad Garcia Fons, Alasdair Fraser, Natalie Haas, Casey Driessen among others.

For the past10 years he belongs to the cast of ÓperayFlamenco and since 2008 he’s part of the cast of Flamenco Hoy by Carlos Saura with an extensive international exposure. He’s member of AupaQuartet, Traza Quartet, Cordes del Mon, Gani Mirzo Band among others. For the second consecutive year he will be teaching at the Crisol de Cuerdas 2015.