Jam Session

We’re going to finish our intensive work and enjoyment days with several jam sessions where you can participate, making the experience of Barcelona Fiddle Congress a little more special.


Check it out:

4th Thursday at 7 pm

5th Friday at 7:30 pm: Centre Artesà Tradicionàrius CAT, with Blanca Altable and Xosé Liz as Jam Session’s bandleaders

6th Saturday at 9:30 pm: El Born Centre Cultural




Blanca Altable (1984) is one of the few fiddlers in the traditional scene in Castilla. She begins her studies of classic violin at 5 years of age, but soon she devotes herself to the fiddle, since hers is a family of traditional musicians. With a particular and creative vision, she makes much of her repertoire from the dulzaina, her field work as a fiddler consisting in adapting scores for dulzaina to the fiddle. Particularly, music from the center and north of Castilla, since her grandfather, Simón Altable, was a dulzaina player, and started Blanca in the oral tradition from this region. Out of this field work, she has co-founded two projects: Blanca Altable & Chuchi² y Cira Qu; And also participated in other folk projects like El Hombre Folkíbero & Cía. Always in search and study, her advanced education as a fiddler grows with her participation in international fiddlecamps in California, New York and Scotland, getting closer to places and social environments where fiddle music happens in a vernacular and spontaneous way … Galicia, Basque Country, Quebec, Scotland, USA. She has got opportunity of playing in scenarios and festivals all over Spain, showed her music in the USA, Africa and part of Europe, and participated in projects like VocalizÁfrica, Nélida Karr, Vallarna, Dario Bontempi, Salvador Amor, Pure Hemp, Sammy Jankis, Kasparov Vs Deep Blue, Roberta Medley, Sons d’ Cabiella… She is an increasingly demanded teacher as well, committed with the personalized and creative education.


Xosé Liz (flute, acoustic guitar, bouzouqui , mandolina). He is a nationally and internationally renowned musician in the Galician folk and Celtic Music scene. He has participated in more than 30 recording productions with the best Galician artists (Cristina Pato, Susana Seivane, Rodrigo Romaní, Anxo Pintos, Anxo Lorenzo, Begoña Riobó…) and has taken part usually in the most relevant stages (Interceltic Festival of L’orient, Celtic Connections, Piping Live, Vall D’aOsta, Scottish Weekend…).

Xosé combines his labour as a profesional musician, producer, arranger and composer with his classes as permanent teacher of flutes and plucked strings in the prestigious folk and traditional music academy E-Trad (Vigo) from 2009.