Ear training in string instruments

We are going to discuss about the ear training in string instruments, with the following speakers:

– Sofia Martínez

– Encarnación López de Arenosa Díaz

– Laura Gorbe

– Quico Pugès



Sofía Martínez is professor of auditive perception at Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya ESMUC. She is developing an auditive training handbook.

More information at www.sofiamartinezvillar.com



She was Professor of Music Theory and Music Theory of the Madrid Royal Conservatory, center where she studied.

Her attention to the field of music education has led her to perform various study trips to France, Hungary, Switzerland, United States.

Member of the Society of Music Theory and the Spanish Association for Creativity.

She is a regular contributor to magazines specialized in music.

She has taught numerous courses for teachers specialized in music theory throughout Spain. In the summer of 1999 she was invited to conduct a course in three cities in Mexico: Mexico City, Monterrey and Xalapa (Veracruz). Later, in the summer of 2002, she was invited to the Latin American Congress of Musical Education to develop various workshops and present some of their teaching materials.

With the Editorial Santillana has published two papers on the musical ear and music and graphic.

Speaker at various conferences, symposia and conferences.

She was the first woman director of the Madrid Royal Conservatory and Technical Inspector of Education.



Bachelor of Music Education, Final Year Award, Master in Music Education, Master in Bilingual Education and pending defend PhD thesis (international thesis between the UPV and the University of Bern, is about the origins of hearing education in Spain).

She has more than 10 years of teaching experience in different academias, conservatories and universities  and is actively involved in two research groups: the first at the University of Bern, focused on improving education of hearing; and the University CEU-UCH in the group that investigates new strategies in education Thinking Skills (Valencia). He now works in Brussels in the management of EU funds in education and creative industries. In parallel makes a research stay at the VUB in the department of languages, studying the influence of music education in the auditory-language learning.



Quico Pugès is a freelance musician who makes workshops specialized in  musical creation for people with functional diversity, educational concerts and collaborates as cello teacher at “Xamfrà”, centre of scenic arts for social integration.