Alex Barrachina & Friends – Electronic improvisation

Improvisation with electronic instruments will cover collective musical improvisation strategies, participating in an unconventional ensemble, in which acoustic and electronic instruments influence each other. Each participant can influence, with his instrumental performance, the overall performance of the interactive musical System.

This complex network of mutual influences, of convergent or divergent desires of all participants, becomes a process sometimes collaborative, sometimes unpredictable.


Àlex Barrachina, Josep Maria Comajuncosas are members of the Barcelona Laptop Orchestra.


Premiered on 2008, one of the aims of the Barcelona laptop Orchestra is to stablish a Meeting point for researchers, digital luthiers, performers and composers, to explore new control interfaces, new paradigms of networked performances.

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Alex Barrachina

Josep M. Comajuncosas

Cels Campos

Àlex Rodríguez Flaqué