Jason Anick – Gypsy Jazz, Swing and improvisation

Divided in 4 parts, we’re going to talk about:

  1.  The Gypsy Jazz: to provide various techniques on how to achieve that authentic Gypsy sound and feel. To display how Gypsy Jazz is a great segue from classical music for learning jazz and improvisation.
  2. We’ll examine standard swing tunes and various licks and phrases to help you start improvising over the tune. Phrases will be taught by ear but will be supplemented with sheet music. We’ll also learn various stylistic approaches (vibrato, bowing, etc.) to help you get that authentic swing sound and feel.
  3. To provide various practice tools (scales, arpeggios, etc.) and exercises that can be implemented into your everyday practice routine to help you work on playing over chord changes. I will also teach a few standard chord progressions and various musical lines that work over these progressions.
  4. To learn classic licks taken from various Stephane Grappelli solos and display how to correctly bow and articulate them to get the correct swing feel. You will also take turns soloing over simple chord progressions trying to emulate the feel and phrasing of Grappelli.

Jason Anick is an American jazz violinist, mandolin player and composer. He currently resides inBoston, Massachusetts, and teaches at the Berklee College of Music.

More information at: www.jasonanick.com