Alfonso Franco – Fiddle Tuning Assistant

With this new system, the player has a touch guide that tells you the exact position of the fingers on the fingerboard, accelerating the learning process for beginners. In addition, you can improve significantly your tuning, both if you have more difficulty hearing or you lack of the time needed to practice regularly. Besides a Read more about Alfonso Franco – Fiddle Tuning Assistant[…]

Mario Rossy – Introduction to flamenco

Introduction to flamenco for bass, cello, electric bass and other string instruments. Flamenco and Flamenco – Jazz fussion roots will be analyzed, applied to bass, cello and electric bass, both as a rhythm section members as soloists. Possibilities of three instruments will be compared.   MARIO ROSSY Bassist, composer and pedagogue, he is professor off Read more about Mario Rossy – Introduction to flamenco[…]

Sofía Martínez – How to train the polyphonic ear?

In this workshop we’re going to deal with a particular element of the ear training: improve our polyphonic ear with a melodic instrument. We’re going to explain how to get the most out of reading a score, the improvisation, making and listening to polyrythms, cadential progressions, harmonic series and other exercises involving musical memory and Read more about Sofía Martínez – How to train the polyphonic ear?[…]

Albert Gumí – Klezmer music

Dimitri Shostakovich defined Klezmer music as “a smile amongst tears”. In fact, Klezmer music is highly emotional. This workshop is adressed to fiddlers who are interested in this awesome genre and its characteristics. We’re going to play the most relevant melodies, modes and rhythms used in this old Jewish tradition, as we were Shostakovich. Albert Read more about Albert Gumí – Klezmer music[…]

Asier Suberbiola – Covers from rock-pop themes

How to make covers from rock-pop themes with your ensemble? Starting from duets, trios, quartets, etc. we’ll make our own arrangements in order to use them both your professional and pedagogic career. Join us, bring your proposals en we’ll develop them in group. Asier Suberbiola is violinist and professor at the “Taller de Músics” and Read more about Asier Suberbiola – Covers from rock-pop themes[…]

Nan Mercader – Rhythm, motivity and percussion

In this workshop we’re going to work on: Useful tools for consciousness and rhythmic precision. Body relaxation exercises “Tribal experience”: the basics of improvisation Ethnic percussion traditional patterns “Walking” and “Drumming” Polyrhythms Nan Mercader is the professor of Ethnic percussion in Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC). More information at

Pep O’Callaghan – Harmony and modern music analysis

Workshop focused on revising and evaluating the different teaching methods used in modern music and jazz music. We’re going to work on harmony, melody (scale-chord relationships), formal models, ear training methods and other suggestions from the audience. Pep O’Callaghan teaches jazz analysis, analysis of modern music, jazz improvisation, aural perception and combo at the Escola Read more about Pep O’Callaghan – Harmony and modern music analysis[…]

Jaime del Blanco – Barcelona, fiddlers in 1940s

In the 1940s fox-trot was the most popular dance in Barcelona, whose rhythms captivated young people who needed to catch their breath after the pain of the civil war. Moreover, catalan musicians, influenced by hot rhythms and jazz and central european gypsy genres, created their own original music. In order to remember the importance of Read more about Jaime del Blanco – Barcelona, fiddlers in 1940s[…]

Quico Puges – From Solo to Solo

This workshop propose to give some basic tools to extract, play, analize and create new solos from other solos. Understand rythmic, melodic and harmonic elements of modern music for introduce on the string instruments’ lenguage. The participants of this workshop will listen, sing, play rythms, search on the fingerboard, put the played melodies on a Read more about Quico Puges – From Solo to Solo[…]

Jon Cottle – Groove, improvisation and efects

Divided in 4 parts we’re going to talk about: Groove – Bass & Drums: As string players it may be that we don’t devote too much time to thinking about the elements of the groove, but in reality it’s just as important to study as the melodic aspects of improvising. In this first part, we Read more about Jon Cottle – Groove, improvisation and efects[…]