Yubai Gotlibovich – Classical Improvisation

YUBAI GOTLIBOVICH A native of Israel, Viola player and Composer Gotlibovich holds first Prizes at the International Lionel Tertis Viola Competition, Aviv Competition as well as the Fischoff Chamber Music Competition. Gotlibovich enjoys a broad musical career that spans throughout Europe, United States and Israel as a leading viola player, composer and pedagogue. He played Read more about Yubai Gotlibovich – Classical Improvisation[…]

Oriol Saña: Could Jazz be the solution to your problems?

PhD Thesis The objective of this thesis is to empirically demonstrate that violin students of classical and contemporary music of the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya achieve a significant improvement in their interpretation of orchestral passages of classical and contemporary repertoire when applying study methods based on inherent musical characteristics of jazz. The investigation Read more about Oriol Saña: Could Jazz be the solution to your problems?[…]

Emilio Moreno: First violins

Repertory analysis, technique and ornamentation of the first violins (England / Italia 1540-1600). Theory and practice with the collaboration of the Early Department violin students.   EMILIO MORENO The violinist Emilio Moreno is one of Europe’s most distinguished performers of music from the baroque and classical periods and whose musical qualities are matched by the Read more about Emilio Moreno: First violins[…]

Martín Meléndez – Pizz, Grooves & Latin

Divided in 2 parts, we’re going to talk about: Pizz & Grooves: Introduction to right hand technique (pizz) creating bass lines, rhythmic motifs and percussion Latin & Go: Grooves, “tumbaos” & “montunos”. Violoncello from a completely latin perspective. MARTÍN MELÉNDEZ Cuban parents born in Moscow in 1982, he studied classical cello at the Conservatory Amadeo Roldan and Read more about Martín Meléndez – Pizz, Grooves & Latin[…]

Ari Poutiainen – Jazz, Solos & Stories

Divided in 2 parts, we’re going to talk about:   Jazz, Solos & Stories: Storytelling is a metaphore that is often used when jazz improvisation is discussed. People say that good jazz improvisers can tell stories in their soloistic expression. Although the metaphore is in common use it still can happen that it is seldom taught Read more about Ari Poutiainen – Jazz, Solos & Stories[…]

Casey Driessen – American Fiddles

Divided in 4 parts, we’re going to talk about: “Plugging in”: Whether you are playing in a band with drums or in an acoustic folk group, if you are going to be on stage, you’ll need to be amplified. This workshop will discuss various methods of string instrument amplification and the pros and cons in different Read more about Casey Driessen – American Fiddles[…]

Elizabeth Gex – Flamenco Fiddles

Divided in 2 parts, we’re going to talk about:   “The Benefits of Teaching Flamenco to Young String Players” In learning to play Flamenco, children work on rhythm, their ability to learn by ear, memory, develop creativity and become familiar with a different aesthetic than the one associated with Classical Music. We will talk about Read more about Elizabeth Gex – Flamenco Fiddles[…]

John Dubuclet – Jazz improvisation basics

Divided in 2 parts, we’re going to talk about:   The basics of music improvisation: theory and practice on themes with static and blues harmony.   Modal scale, blues scale, musical form and jazz rhythms.   The motif-cell and its creativity at the service of the musical creation and improvisation.   Themes to deal with: So Read more about John Dubuclet – Jazz improvisation basics[…]