Seifert Competition on Tour

Concert by the winners of the International Zbigniew Seifert Competition Jazz Violin Competition The International Zbigniew Seifert Jazz Violin Competition emerged from the need to commemorate the outstanding Polish violinist, as well as to underline his role in the world of music. The participating artists will be: – Bartosz Dworak – Apel.les Carod   with Read more about Seifert Competition on Tour[…]

Alfonso Franco – Fiddle Tuning Assistant

With this new system, the player has a touch guide that tells you the exact position of the fingers on the fingerboard, accelerating the learning process for beginners. In addition, you can improve significantly your tuning, both if you have more difficulty hearing or you lack of the time needed to practice regularly. Besides a Read more about Alfonso Franco – Fiddle Tuning Assistant[…]

Mario Rossy – Introduction to flamenco

Introduction to flamenco for bass, cello, electric bass and other string instruments. Flamenco and Flamenco – Jazz fussion roots will be analyzed, applied to bass, cello and electric bass, both as a rhythm section members as soloists. Possibilities of three instruments will be compared.   MARIO ROSSY Bassist, composer and pedagogue, he is professor off Read more about Mario Rossy – Introduction to flamenco[…]

Ear training in string instruments

We are going to discuss about the ear training in string instruments, with the following speakers: – Sofia Martínez – Encarnación López de Arenosa Díaz – Laura Gorbe – Quico Pugès   SOFÍA MARTÍNEZ Sofía Martínez is professor of auditive perception at Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya ESMUC. She is developing an auditive training Read more about Ear training in string instruments[…]

Schools as a new string instruments pedagogical model

We are going to discuss and practice new string instruments pedagogical models in our classes, with the following speakers: – Claudio Forcada – Carla Gordo – Ferran Castanyé – Montse Roig – CLAUDIO FORCADA Dr. Claudio Forcada was born in Spain, and holds a PhD from Birmingham City University on a thesis on efficacy in violin Read more about Schools as a new string instruments pedagogical model[…]

Alex Barrachina & Friends – Electronic improvisation

Improvisation with electronic instruments will cover collective musical improvisation strategies, participating in an unconventional ensemble, in which acoustic and electronic instruments influence each other. Each participant can influence, with his instrumental performance, the overall performance of the interactive musical System. This complex network of mutual influences, of convergent or divergent desires of all participants, becomes Read more about Alex Barrachina & Friends – Electronic improvisation[…]

Sofía Martínez – How to train the polyphonic ear?

In this workshop we’re going to deal with a particular element of the ear training: improve our polyphonic ear with a melodic instrument. We’re going to explain how to get the most out of reading a score, the improvisation, making and listening to polyrythms, cadential progressions, harmonic series and other exercises involving musical memory and Read more about Sofía Martínez – How to train the polyphonic ear?[…]